Time in Terelj Lodge was excellent, we could have liked to spend more time there. Our guide and  driver were excellent. We much enjoyed the time. Guide and driver were accommodating to our requests. Itinerary 2 nights was correct time between country + city.

Anthony Hawkins, Maria Ivanova Leistner, Peter Hawkins and Jennifer Hawkins from UK


The guide could not have been more charming and helpful. His English and knowledge was excellent. There were so many highlights, one of the best was the Folklore show, and it was a wonderful display of Mongolian culture. Thank you very much!

Jean Bowen from UK

Service was excellent throughout. Our guide and driver were both very friendly. Food and standard of accommodation was also very good. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Auber and Thomas from UK

Good itinerary, lots to do + see. I recommend this trip for anybody wanting to travel to your country.  Great driving + off roading from an experienced driver. Very knowledgeable guide with very good English + Mongolian history + culture.

Ryan Black Macken from UK


1st class – we are glad that we had 2 nights in ger. Sarana is an asset to your company – nothing was too much trouble for her and she was always smiling and good company – we are sad to be leaving her. Gambo too was a cheerful and helpful man, as were the staffs in the ger camp. We will certainly recommend your company.

Sheila and Anthony from UK

We were very happy with your program and everything we did and saw. We particularly enjoyed our stay in Terelj Park. The horse riding and Mongolian family was so pleasurable and enjoyable. We experienced Dalai as very curious, very knowledgeable and helpful. Nothing was a problem for him to do for us.

Mairi Milne from UK

Steppe Nomad service was first class. The tours were fascinating. No criticisms! Food excellent.

Thomas and Jennifer Houghton from UK

Excellent program, excellent guide. Wonderful & Cheerful companion. We love her. She is a great representative  of Mongolia. Could not fault, food excellent. Beautiful surroundings, excellent service. Everybody very friendly. Love Mongolia and Mongolians.

Robert Waller and Mary Waller from UK

Ger camp staffs were very helpful. The hospitality was overwhelming! Our guide was friendly and enthusiastic. She managed to get us a smoking room in Ulaanbaatar hotel and helped us in our shopping for provisions.

Linda and Anthony Gray from UK

Car was very comfortable. Guide and driver were very friendly. Very good – Guide spoke excellent English + knew a lot of about surroundings and Mongolian history, politics etc.

Clover Hibbert from UK

A lovely country that deserves a longer visit. Thank you to all our guides and drivers for a very enjoyable time.

Ranger Family from UK

For my trip to the Gobi Desert, Tuya was my guide. From the minute I met her, I knew she would be excellent to be with. She greeted me with a smile, confirmed my flight back and explained what would be happening over next 3 days. However, the more I was around Tuya, I discovered she had other qualities she was sincere, kind, thoughtful, respectful, dependable, honest and trustworthy. Throughout the tour she treated all the same way. She was very knowledgeable about Mongolia and had an excellent way to explain everything to me in a way I could understand. To the driver, she worked well with him and because of her excellent communication skills everything went as planned. Tuya took on extra unplanned responsibilities when, not once but twice, I hit my head on the door frame of the ger – the second time so hard that I cut my scalp open. As soon as Tuya found out she was there taking care of me until I was able to reduce the pain. When climbing the sand dunes she again took EXTRA care of me to make sure I did not heat stroke or an asthma attack.  For that I am eternally grateful. At home I teach Client Service to potential employees and if I was to rate Tuya on a scale of 1-10, I would have to give her an 11. That’s how incredible I think and know she is. You are very fortunate to have her as a team member and I am a better person for knowing her. Thank you.

John from UK

I have been most pleased with the services of this young man. Enthused, keen to please, sincere and a great sense of humor, Nomuundalai took great pride in sharing both the culture and history of his country. He researched areas of interest to me, could speak on a variety of topics and worked at ensuring all went as planned. When an excursion was cancelled due to rain, Nomuundalai didn’t leave me alone for the day instead he offered to teach me some ankle bone games – I had lots of fun! When rain broke the broke the window in my ger- resulting in my bed and belongings getting wet, Nomuundalai immediately went out, during the storm, to advice staff I needed to be reassigned to a new ger. He was excellent lunch/dinner companion and had much to offer. As a young man, I was most taken by his commitment to represent his country, your company, his family and himself in the best possible light and to this extent, he was successful! I believe this young man is an asset to your business and I consider myself fortunate to have made a friend in your country. Thanks for sharing him with me.

George from UK

Visiting Mongolia was more than I expected and I am saddened to leave after only 2 weeks. Thank you for allowing me to be a guest of your country.

Melani Meheden from UK

Both our guide + our driver were very helpful, very pleasant + very delight to be with for the entire trip. They made the tour much more enjoyable. We could be happy to go on a tour with them again!

John Probert and Deepa Bose from UK

It was a good mixture. The snow prevented a full program but we enjoyed everything very much. Very efficient company and good service to us throughout our stay. Khulan is a very understanding and good guide. Giving us a good view of Mongolian life without being boring!! Very good!

                                                                                                                                                                            John Manktelow and Gillian Manktelow from UK

Fantastic!  Very Interesting & full of interesting things! Everything was excellent and well organized, we will definitely be recommending Steppe Nomad and the great Mongolian experience to our friends and family. Many thanks!

Victoria Crossley and Ian Saint from UK

Everything has been really excellent and 5*****. We have enjoyed our few days in Mongolia immensely and have been very impressed with the   organization. Helpful staff + our charming guide, our driver has driven us around like a chauffeur.

David Brex and Katherine Brex from UK

It was amazing we were treated exceptionally well. The tour was very thorough, our guide knew so much about the area and answered all of our questions. The ger camp was wonderful, meals fantastic, staff lovely, all activities brilliant.

Thomas Morgan and Alia Hameed-Addien from UK

Organization was excellent; our tour guide was very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and most important, good company. She is excellent! She could not be more attentive or helpful.

Albert Reid, Oscar Reid, Benjamin Reid and Samuel Reid from UK

Overall, an excellent tour with a great guide and very skillful driver.  Everyone has been very friendly and helpful in Mongolia and we would love to return sometime in the future. Thank you!

Susana and Christian from UK

Everything had been just pretty much under control and well organized. All the people in the group were satisfied with the programs. We always got free bottle of water provided by our local agent, it was greatly appreciated. Our guide Bagi did a great job over the past 5 days. His command of English, knowledge of his own country, sense of humor helped us a lot in understanding every aspect of Mongolian culture and people’s lives.

 Richard Huang, Group Leader, from UK

We couldn’t have been more helpful, considerate or informative. Excellent in every way.

Stephen Smith, Christine Armstrong, Conal Smith and Eleri Smith from UK

Firstly, all three of us cannot praise highly enough the excellent services provided by our guide, Sarana, and our driver Magil. They truly made our trip in Mongolia the trip of a lifetime. Our trip has been so fascinating, interesting, at times, so moving that we very much look forward to our next trip to this great country + to get to know more about its beautiful people. Sarana’s excellent communication skills were invaluable to our full understanding of so many interesting aspects of Mongolian culture, tradition and customs. Thanks again for a wonderful and memorable trip.

Philip Henry, William Henry and Ciaran Henry-Walters from UK

We have been treated like royalty and enjoyed every minute of the trip in your wonderful country. A fantastic and excellent driver. Will definitely recommend.

Mary and Russell Carkett from UK